The Cradle Will Rock by Marc Blitzstein
Paper details:
This will be used to shape my “analytical, expository” term paper on labor theatre in the interwar period. I am doing three to four of these case studies to fill out about 15 pages on my chosen topic. Specifics from my proposal: “While there isnt exactly an excess of living newspapers or labor plays circulating now, the form remains effective at preparing audiences to take political action by instilling a sense of community amongst both insider and outsider populations. Theatre is an effective tool to ready audiences for political action. Some plays exist to rally a community. Some exist to radicalize the masses. They all achieve this goal a little bit differently.”
Please use at least one or two the sources I have gathered(besides the play itself lol): Rehearsing Revolutions by Mary McAvoy; Staging Strikes by Colette A. Hyman; Striking Performances/Performing Strikes by Kirk W. Fuoss; Theatres of the Left, 1880-1935 by Raphael Samuel, Ewan MacColl, and Stuart Cosgrove.