The assignment talks about Document Analysis Paper. Therefore, there is a description of Sources of Freedom. So, be sure to organize your paper into logical paragraphs

Document Analysis Paper-Sources of Freedom

Doing a close read on one primary source document from the “Sources of Freedom Online Reader (located in each module/chapter folder). Firstly, your close read should consist of having an idea of the historical context surrounding the document (you read the chapter and have a good understanding of the time period before you do your close read). Secondly, you will take notes, underline or highlight things that strike you, are confusing to you, etc. Then you will read it again for better understanding before you write up your analysis. Writing your analysis. Also, be sure to address each component below fully in your paper. Your analysis paper should be around 3 pages long (double spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman font).

Document Analysis Paper-Sources of Freedom

Be sure to organize your paper into logical paragraphs (do not try to just answer the following questions in list form). A. what kind of document is it? b. who is the author(s)? What is their background? This requires you to do some background research. c. When was it written/composed? What is the historical context in which this document was written? d. What are the main points of the document? e. What is the purpose of the document? f. Who is the intended audience? g. How does this relate to the themes of our course? h. Why is it significant?

Document Analysis Paper-Sources of Freedom

How can you compare/contrast to other things we have read and studied in the course. What is your opinion of the document? What did you find weird, confusing, etc? Do you agree of disagree with the document’s content/purpose? Source: ASK SUPPORT FOR LOGIN DETAILS.

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