This assignment focuses on the analysis of Introduction to GIS. There is also a description of Journal Article Review. So, carefully organize your review, putting ideas and concepts into your own words.

Introduction to GIS – Journal Article Review

GIS 4043/5101


Introduction to GIS


Assignment II: Journal Article Review (100 points)





For Assignment II, you will write a short review of a journal article dealing with GIS. There is a pre-selected set of articles on Canvas from which you must choose. Select an article from those on Canvas and write exactly a 2-3 page summary. You must use one of the articles from Canvas in this assignment.


Introduction to GIS – Journal Article Review


Assignment Rationale and Details


Often times we need to explain to a colleague or supervisor how GIS is used in a particular application, research study, policy context, etc. It is a very important skill to learn how to succinctly communicate technical GIS research details. Moreover, learning how to write precisely about GIS and scientific material in general is a very valuable talent that one can develop.



The secret to writing a good journal article review, whether it be about GIS or any subject, is to (a) spend time understanding the article’s aims, scope, and important details and to (b) carefully organize your review, putting ideas and concepts into your own words. With this in mind, your article review should (1) summarize the main goals of the article, (2) discuss how GIS and/or GIScience manifest themselves in the article.

Introduction to GIS – Journal Article Review

(3) report on any important findings or results from the article, and (4) provide some criticism of the article. With respect to the criticism requirement, (4), discuss at least one positive and one negative aspect of the article. For example, if you think that the author(s) improperly used a particular GIS database, then that would be something you could note. Please aim for substantive criticism and avoid making unhelpful comments like ‘the maps were ugly’ or ‘the article was too technical and hard to read,’ as points may be deducted for these types of statements.


Assignment Specifics

Respond to all the requested content considerations outlined above. Assignments should be exactly 2-3 pages in length, double-spaced, with no excess spacing between paragraphs or subheadings to be used.

Detailed Instructions


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