This assignment discusses a Business Plan – Restaurant. There is also an analysis of Products and Services. So, how does your product or service compare to other products in


Quality? Price? Location?

Business Plan – Restaurant – Products and Services



Preferred Writer: You recently completed the attached Part 1 Business Plan for me on Cucciolo, this is Part 2 to be continued per below. Great job on Part 1, thank you!


This section is due while in Unit 3 which is step 2 of the Business Plan. Remember every section should be 2-3 paragraphs.


Products and/or Services
Describe the products and services you plan to sell.


How is your product or service unique?


Are you producing a commodity or a differentiated product?


How does your product or service compare to other products in


Quality? Price? Location?


What experience do you have with this product/service?


Market Assessment
A. Examining the General Market
How is the market characterized?


Are there clear segments in the market? Describe them.


What important customer need(s) is the market not currently fulfilling?


Also, what is the growth potential for each segment of the market?


What opportunities and threats does your firm face?

Business Plan – Restaurant – Products and Services

What does an analysis using the Five Forces model suggest about your industry? Who is your competition (in light of the Five Forces)?


What trends, relevant to your business, do you see?


Besides, what are the drivers of change?


What political and legal issues do you face, such as zoning, environmental laws, inspections, etc?


B. Customer Analysis
Who will be your customers?


What do you sell to each of the customers?


How does your product/service solve a key customer problem?


Then, how difficult is it to retain a customer?


How much does it cost to support a customer?


C. Industry Analysis
A comparison of companies is similar.


D. Strategic Alternatives
What can the company do that they aren’t doing now?


Strategic Implementation


A. Production
How will you produce your product?

Detailed Instructions


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