Autobiography of Play
For this assignment (due 9/22 at 11:59 pm), you will want to look back on your own play experiences as a child. Please write the paper in APA style. Describe your own play experiences and be sure to tie it in to course content. You will need to include a minimum of 5 different play experiences but are welcome to include more.
Assignment Information from the Course Syllabus:
Description of your own play experiences.
Description of the environment in which the play experiences occurred (very important to include as much sensory stimulation characteristics or attributes as remembered, utilizing adjectives).
Identification of play tools used during the play experiences (very important to include as much sensory attributes and/or characteristics as remembered, utilizing adjectives.)
An explanation and analysis of the facilitation techniques, both direct and indirect, utilized by other people (e.g. adults, older siblings) and things within the play setting itself. Be certain to specifically use the terminology facilitation in your discussion.
You want to be sure to tie in your own experiences with Joseph Levys Definition of Play:
Levy categorizes play through three different behaviors. His three categories include:
Suspension of reality getting away from the stresses of reality and just enjoying
Intrinsic motivation doing an activity just for the joy you get from doing it
Internal locus of control You believe you have influence of things around you and their outcomes
Levy believes that play exists when the player has a chance to experience all three behaviors.