Detailed Instructions



In this course, you are required to complete a term paper critically examining an example of environmental sustainability in practice. In other words, you will be presenting a case study of a project or program that an organization/ government/research group, or a collaboration of institutions/groups, etc. has implemented to address a sustainability issue. You will present your findings in the form of a 5-7 page research report which will outline, examine, and critically analyze key components of the case study. You will include the following content in your report:

• Introduction

• General background/context about the sustainability issue o What issue is the organization/group addressing?

o Why is it an important issue to address?

o What environmental and social challenges are present? Note: sustainability addresses both environmental (degradation, loss of biodiversity, depletion of resources, etc.) and social challenges (food and water security, health, economic and social development, climate change, etc.)

o What is the local (or regional)

Quick Response:

This case study will include an organization that has implemented a program to address a sustainability issue. The introduction will include the background of the sustainability issue that the organization addresses. It will also acknowledge the important issue that needs to be addressed. The case study will shift its focus on the present environmental as well as social challenges. In addition, social challenges will also be addressed including economic and social development, food and water security, and climate change respectively. The case study will identify the location of the organization and link the extent of the environmental and social challenges that face that region. 

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