When you write an Inquiry-Based Research Paper, you investigate a topic or a question that you are interested in. For this type of research paper, you are not suppose to take any sides (as you would in an argumentative essay) but you rather conduct research on your topic.
Our class theme is American Identity/Experience and we have read several narratives that fall under this theme. Now think about some things that might have caught your attention and you want to investigate/conduct research on.
For example, we read Fredrick Douglass, maybe you want to conduct research on the topic of (Slavery or abolitionists and their role in American history). We read Elizabeth Wongs text, maybe you want to conduct research on (Bilingual Education in America). Maybe you are interested in investigating (LGBTQ Rights in America and the Stonewall Riots). Maybe you want to investigate the topic of (Assimilation) or (Gentrification of some of the neighborhoods in NYC). Maybe you are interested in the role of media and you want to look at (Stereotypes shown in American Movies/Disney movies).