American Government and Civic Engagement

For assignment 1, dicsuss the following or interview someone. If you choose an interview, remember to keep the inverview context a safe space regaredless of opinions and differences. Responses should be submitted using a simple Word document answering the following questions:

1. What supported your reasons for voting.
2. If you did not vote, tell me why.
3. What does civic engagement look like in your community?
4. How does politics impact students between the ages of 18-25 today?
5. How does the state or local government support your community?
6. How does the state, local, or national government fail to respond to your community’s needs?
7. Do you think the government should require COVID-19 vaccinations?
8. What contributes to the lack of political knowledge within people of voting ages between 18 and 26 year olds?
9. Why is it that certain elected officials know very little about the realities of their constitutiency?