(Your essay) will consist of your personal interest in your cause, research and data about the cause, and what you hope to accomplish or see happen, whether it be to raise awareness. Your research: What are the statistics, details, challenges, etc., related to your cause? • Your research should come from at least three credible sources. • Two of your sources should be popular culture sources (see list ) of popular source journals, with attached docs • You can also include information about one of the non-profits you examined from paper #2, which would be a fourth source.

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According to statistics, more than 42,000 adults perish in the US from breast cancer. That has contributed to individuals and organizations taking interest in raising awareness about breast cancer affecting both the men and the women. Advocacy is achieved through communicating and publishing the statistics of people who have died as a way of illustrating the seriousness of the disease. Cancer patients are also encouraged to help in advocacy (Holland, 2015). They are encouraged to play their role through helping the researchers to investigate the disease as a way of determining the causes, symptoms, and possible treatment of the disease respectively. The patients will also help in determining the efficiency of the existing drugs as well as the side effects…

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