This assignment explores Advanced Treatments for Placenta Previa. There is also a description of Improved Odds for Future Pregnancies. So, explain what is the placenta, what does it do and why is it important.

Advanced Treatments for Placenta Previa-Improved Odds for Future Pregnancies

Advanced Treatments for Placenta Previa and Improved Odds for Future Pregnancies. Placenta previa happens when the placenta partly or completely covers the cervix, which is the opening of the uterus. Your baby passes from the uterus into the cervix and through the birth canal during a vaginal delivery. Normally, the placenta attaches toward the top of the uterus, away from the cervix.

I. Introduction: What is the placenta, what does it do, why is it important, what can go wrong (introduce dangers of emergency c-sections, heightened chances of hysterectomies, and inability for future pregnancies). II. Placenta Previa (explain and define, discuss risk factors for developing it and complications that arise from having the condition. So, Plant the seed of newer, innovative management techniques to treat that preserve fertility).

Advanced Treatments for Placenta Previa-Improved Odds for Future Pregnancies

III. Treatments (how is placenta previa currently treated, what is the standard of care (typical treatment), what are the risks to mother and baby, how many women who have treatment for placetena previa are able to give birth again) IV: Emerging Research and Needed Research (what advances have been made, how have they changed outcomes, what still needs to be done [focus on the tamponade balloon]). Must be 5 pages. Times New Roman 12 pt font. ***Please write in Microsoft Word**

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