Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies

Course Objectives for Mastery Journal Reflection Entry:

The ability to define the elements in building primary relationships online Identify personas within customer roles
Conduct proper audience demographic research using online tools
Create a unique value proposition (UVP) in relation to the companys offering
An understanding of the sales and buying process Create customer engagement goals within the Attention, Interest, Desire, Action, Satisfaction (AIDAS) model to produce conversions
The skill to create a foundation for conversion optimization using funnel navigation analysis Identify the different levels of the funnel navigation in which the customer drops out, thereby providing focused optimization efforts
The knowledge to introduce the basic advertising metrics for measuring and tracking campaign performance Utilize the metrics introduced in this course to determine costs, project traffic, and perform conversions to measure campaign effectiveness
The ability to create incentives and special promotion strategies for driving conversions Create ad copy/messaging to reinforce UVP
An understanding of processes involved in developing and managing online communities Identify and manage the dynamics of an online community