This assignment focuses on Adult Children of alcoholics.Also, there is a description of  Psychological theories.What are the psychological and social difficultest of Adult Children of Alcoholics?

Adult Children of alcoholics – Psychological theories

The overarching aim of the assignment is to provide an overview on personal and social experience of Adult Children of Alcoholics with the following specific objectives. Investigate the lifelong impact of parental alcoholism on ACOA’s cognitive and behavioural functioning.  Identify protective and resiliency factor for ACOAs.  Explore various psychological theories for better understanding and treatment ACOAs Questions: – . What are the psychological and social difficultest of Children of Alcoholics?.  How important and How we can help them in Clinical PRactice?.  Invisible ‘Liegelong Svars’ of Adult Children of alcoholics. So, if you grew up in an alcoholic home, you’re probably familiar with the feeling of never knowing what to expect from one day to the next.

Psychological theories

When one or both parents struggle with addiction, the home environment is predictably unpredictable. Argument, inconsistency, unreliability, and chaos tend to run rampant. Children of alcoholics don’t get many of their emotional needs met due to these, often leading to skewed behaviors and difficulties in properly caring for themselves and their feelings later in life.Children of alcoholics often have to deny their feelings of sadness, fear, and anger in order to survive. And since unresolved feelings will always surface eventually, they often manifest during adulthood.

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