This research focuses on intrapreneurship within Nyaho Medical Center (‘NMC’ or ‘Nyaho’) and seeks to answer the question: “Is the ‘hub-and-spoke model’ (HSM) a viable business model for the geographical expansion of the Nyaho Medical Centre?” The key objectives of this research was; to determine critical success factors for implementation of the hub-and-spoke organisational model, challenges associated with the adoption of the hub-and-spoke model  and benefits to companies using this model. The research focused on the industry of origin of the hub-and-spoke model; aviation and its subsequent application in the healthcare industry to serve as a basis to assess and identify the key benefits and challenges of this model to Nyaho and the readiness of Nyaho to adopt the hub and spoke model. Comparison of literature in these two industries was carried out to identify key differences in the application of this model by companies in these industries and isolate the unique benefits, challenges and critical factors for implementation or rejection of this model by Nyaho. 

The study employed Action Research and relied on secondary data, using both grey and academic literature. Key findings from the review and analysis of literature led to a recommendation of the adoption of this model by the Nyaho Medical Centre. The research also proposes areas of further research by Nyaho prior to implementation of the model.