The Paper will consist of the following information, through your research:

A clear definition of the style/movement that your artist is associated with, including what major formal characteristics are present in the general style. (How do we know an artwork is a part of your style?)

A history of the how the artist developed his/her style. Set up the context for the work to exist. (What let up to the development of this style/movement? What was going on in history, society, and the art world before the style/movement came about?)

Important historical information on the artist themselves. (Consider including his/her artworks and their self-portrait or photos in your presentation, to make it more interesting.)

A minimum of 3 artwork examples that demonstrate artists particular style/movement,
including an ANALYSIS of what characterizes these artworks as part of your artists style. (These
major characteristics could be in discussing specific form and/or content/meaning of the work.)

Each artwork that will be analyzed must be labeled with the title, artist, date, medium, and
collection the work is found in. Also, you must take notes of where you got the images from, so that you can properly cite them in your works cited slide (You will be required to include a Works Cited page in MLA format.)

What influences did your artist have on future artists/art? (Show actual examples in your presentation (both artworks and artists) of the influence and explain how your topic was influential for this work/artist.)