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      This e-Project will consist of a compilation of resources that are found on the web and a structured written analysis of these resources. It will be in the form of a “Word” document. You are expected to compile web resources for use in your e-Project. The theme of the e-Project is , “The Centers for Disease Control ( how one government agency interfaces with citizens to keep America informed and safe; an evaluation”. it should include the following sections : Introduction: Briefly tell the reader what your paper is about. the enabling legislation for your Agency from the Code of Federal Regulations and a description of the origin of the Agency 5 entries for your Agency in the Federal Register

Quick Response

The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry is one of the agencies in the United States of America that helps to keep the citizens safe and informed. The agency is based in Atlanta, Georgia. It protects American society from harmful health effects in relation to exposure to man-made or natural hazardous substances. The agency works under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to respond to developing environmental health threats, capacity building, conducting research on health effects of hazardous waste sites and provision of actionable guidance to the government at the local, state, and national level (Balakrishnan, 2009). The agency is also involved in coming up with toxicological profiles and made available for the public.

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