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The case study must be viewed from the Procurement and Acquisition discipline as well as various aspects of systems thinking vis a vis how your solutions and recommendations may be viewed by other parts of the company. Think about the cost of your proposed solution. Where will the funds come from? Will it work? How can you make it happen? How long will it take…and will the company survive? how will it sell to a reluctant department on adopting your proposed solutions?

More about this task:

This paper will entail the analysis and presentation of solutions and recommendations to case study of Johnson International Corporation. The analysis will focus on logistical needs and the desired support. The paper will also discuss the systems approach and the system definition according to the Johnson International Corporation. Those aspects will guide in determining the suitable solution to the issues facing the company particularly the projected cost of the solution. The paper will consider the systems approach of the company to determine the source of the needed funds. System thinking will be employed to determine the length of the proposed solution implementation. The system-thinking concept will also be used to determine the survival probability of the company

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