Case Study: Psychoses

A patient has been taking chlorpromazine/Thorazine for about a year. He has been having problems with orthostatic hypotension and akathisia. He has needed to take Cogentin to avoid dystonic reactions. The physician has decided to change him to Clozaril.

Describe the following: orthostatic hypotension, akathisia, dystonia

What class of antipsychotic medications does chlorpromazine belong to?

(Stating antipsychotics is not sufficient-specify the class).

Provide a brief explanation about what this medication is used for and its benefits.

b) What are some of the side effects of chlorpromazine?

What type of medication is Cogentin and how will it help this patient’s dystonia?

What are the advantages of using Clozaril over chlorpromazine?

What are some of the major disadvantages of Clozaril? You must discuss both.

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