Innovation requires collaborating with a diverse group of people who have many different perspectives on the problem. Describe with whom you talked about the project. Describe why you chose them. Describe what help they offered. Describe how you used or why you did not use their help.

   What “mobile app” did you propose to use to solve the problem?

Describe the application you chose and how it addresses the problem. Your description should demonstrate that you have become knowledgeable of the technology related the problem as well as solutions.


   Why is your proposed solution innovative?

Describe the innovative features of your project. Demonstrate your knowledge of the

principles of innovation discussed in your textbooks, course readings, and the literature that you collected.

The digital story should include images, text, and narration that flow in an integrated fashion. In the text of presentation, students should use the professional documentation standards describe in the style manual of the American Psychological Association and include a list of references at the end of the presentation

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