Case Study: Drugs for Degenerative Diseases and Muscles

Mark is a 20 year old patient with cerebral palsy. He has spasticity, muscle spasms, contractures of his muscles, and demonstrates scissoring. He is currently on baclofen/Lioresal and tizanidine/Zanaflex. His mother asks you if cyclobenzaprine/Flexeril might be a good choice to help Mark with his spasticity and muscle spasms. She is concerned that Mark always appears drowsy and fatigued. She also reports that he seems to always have a dry mouth and be constipated. She says that she heard Botox injections help people with spasticity. She wants to know if Botox is safe to use and is a possibility for Mark.

List some nonpharmacologic therapies that may be useful for Mark?

What class of medications are Lioresal and Zanaflex?

Describe their mechanism of action/how they work

Explain why you think this patient may be drowsy and fatigued, why may he have dry mouth and be constipated?

your answer should discuss why Mark has these side effects in terms of the medications he is currently on

What class of medication in cyclobenzaprine/Flexeril?

Describe its mechanism of action and side effects

Is this a recommended medication for Mark’s condition?

What should you tell Mark’s mother about the use of this medication for her son?

What class of medication Botox?

Describe its mechanism of action

Do you think this drug is a good option for Mark? your answer should consider side effects/usefulness of this type of drug treatment in light of Mark’s condition

What can you tell Mark’s mother about the use of Botox for muscle relaxation?

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