Accepts accountability for own actions and decision making and for the related outcomes. 

Performance criteria:

Demonstrates accountability for own professional judgment, actions, outcomes of care and continued competence in accordance with the Scope of Practice1 and UAE laws and regulations. Recognizes the boundaries of the Scope of Practice and the limits of one’s own competence.

Seeks appropriate guidance when encountering situations beyond the Scope of Practice and the limits of one’s own competence. 

Acknowledges and respects the accountability and responsibilities of other healthcare professionals and personnel

Assumes accountability for delegation of nursing care. 

 Participates in activities to optimize client access to the full range of services required for effective healthcare. 

Assumes accountability for improving the quality and effectiveness of healthcare services provided.

Accountability is evidenced by: 

· Adhering to facility policies and procedures 

· Identifying areas for improvement and taking appropriate actions 

· Advocating for change

· Retaining responsibility when delegating care

 · Being assertive when encountering unsafe practices 

· Applying critical thinking and decision making skills when providing care

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