Each student is required to write an analysis of a case individually. The write up will include:
1. An overview of the case (1 pages max)
2. A SWOT analysis of the company (exhibit – 1 page not including endnotes and writeup – 2 pages max) and a 2 page summary of what is most interesting.
3. Financial ratios – a summary of key ratios over time and a ½ to 1 page writeup
4. An analysis using the articles of how well the company is doing. 2 pages
5. Recommendations for the company – do not use what the company is doing now as the basis. Your recommendations must be original. Include 3 to improve the management of the company (planning, leading, organizing, or controlling) and 3 to improve the strategies of the company (products, services, supply chains, and CSR that effect customers, suppliers or communities).
6. An update on what the company is doing now. (1 page)

12 point font, end of document citations and a bibliography. Double spaced. Cover page with your name, the class name and number, the date, my name and a title. 10-12 page – write-up

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